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InterSil is a silicone product manufacturer located in Southern California. We are true experts.; we specialize in all things silicone, getting specifications and formulations right every time, for every industry. We have complete silicone R&D services and capabilities, and we pride ourselves on creating and delivering exactly what our clients need.

Stellar Product Acceptance

The quality and performance of InterSil silicone compounds guarantees virtually no rejections. Our less than 1% rejection rate is among the best in the industry.

Made in the USA

All InterSil silicone products are made in the USA at our Southern California facility. We source all silicone compounds and raw materials from trusted domestic suppliers.

On-Site Expertise and Resources

InterSil has on-staff chemists with extensive polymer chemistry experience to assist with all projects and specifications (domestic and foreign). We operate a fully equipped and optimized laboratory onsite.

Extensive Selection

InterSil produces solid, cellular and fluorosilicone compounds designed to meet any industry specifications. We offer finished materials in a broad array of formats.

Lightning-Quick Turnaround

InterSil offers same-day quotes, order confirmations and technical support to meet customer needs. We offer the fastest turnaround in the industry: one-day lead time is available.

Learn more about what we can do on our Capabilities page. Whether you need extensive silicone product development or straightforward standard silicone manufacture and supply, we can meet your company’s needs. We stand out among silicone manufacturers for our expertise, quality, precision, and customer service. If your business or industry requires silicone, we can help you. Contact us now to get started!

InterSil offers these standard and custom silicone manufacturing capabilities:

o Silicone Formulating and Compounding
o Custom Silicone Milling & Mixing
o Rubber Calendering – Calendered Silicone Compounds and Fabric-Reinforced Silicone
o Molded Silicone Sheets – we supply any specs
o Silicone Product Color Matching
o Complete Silicone Product Testing and R&D Services
o Silicone Batch Runs
o Small Batch Custom Silicone Products
o Silicone Engineering
o Silicone R&D Services

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jet engine silicone compounds

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