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Silicone Compounds For Rubber Gaskets & Seals

Silicone rubber gaskets and seals are a mainstay for so many companies because they enhance virtually all finished products by reducing or eliminating maintenance and increasing durability.

InterSil's experience and technical knowledge of silicone compounds for gaskets and seals translates to an outstanding selection of items for electrical insulation, weather protection, high heat environments, and even applications where fuels and oils come in contact with the part.

As an accredited supplier for Gaskets and Seals, InterSil produces expertly designed silicone compounds that maximize function, safety and cost efficiency.

Our staff have years of experience in the field, enabling InterSil to manufacture custom designed silicone compounds that are fire retardant, fuel resistant, and fully functional at extreme high and low temperatures.

Visit our Capabilities page to learn more about all our silicone manufacturing abilities, or contact us to get started with your gaskets and seals silicone product supply.

Gaskets and Seals Silicone Applications, Compounds, and Colors

At International Silicone Technologies we manufacturer silicone products to Gaskets and Seals customers at home and overseas. There are a multitude of Silicone applications in the Gaskets and Seals industry and we can supply many compounds in different grades and colors.

Gaskets and Seals Silicone Color Matching

We offer one of the most diverse silicone product color matching capabilities for Gaskets and Seals, commercial and virtually any other industry. Master batches available.

Formulating and Compounding for the Gaskets and Seals Industry

Our silicone compounds are catalyzed and pigmented to accommodate all processes and end applications. We formulate to meet Gaskets and Seals, military, federal, ASTM, AMS, BMS, PWA, 3A, FDA, NSF, and many other specifications.

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